This prototype has been developed by d0td0t in one week for the "RemakeJam 2017".

This prototype is supposed to be a reflexion about learning music theory trough game. There is plenty of ways to play it, each of them with a different purpose.

If I get good feedbacks about it, I may spend another week of develoment on it, to include more songs, a song editor, or a kind of "story mode".

Due to html5 sound limitation, the sound crack on browser version. The downloadable version don't have this issue and looks better as it's not over compressed.  However, I'll let this version available for the person who don't want or cannot download the other versions.


Xbox controller

Bird control:------------------------------- Left Stick

Relaunch sound:------------------------------Start

Mouse & Keyboard

Relaunch Sound:------------------------------ Esc

Keyboard bird control:-------------------- ←↑→↓

Mouse bird control:-------------------- Click & Drag


Keys:---------------------------------- Letters from A to G

Switch Octave:-------------------------hold Left Shift

Descending Intervals:--------- Numbers from 0 to 1 (0 for Ten and 1 for Eleven)

Ascending Intervals:------------------hold Left Shift


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Piou_JamRelease_Win32x_64 86 MB
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Piou_JamRelease_Linux_Universal 102 MB

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